Class Descriptions

Randi’s Fitness for Kids and Seniors Too!

All classes will be taught at the appropriate age/cognition level in order to create a successful outcome. Yoga and art are also available as therapy-type programs for seniors and treatment centers.RandiDrasin_Final_FitnessforKids_Web-01

BALLET or BALLET/JAZZ COMBO • Improve your poise, flexibility and discipline.  Curriculum will include barre work, center floor exercises and stretching, as well as the introduction and application of the feet, arm, and body positions. Class will be customized to accommodate any level. Jazz will be theatrical jazz style. Ballet shoes, jazz shoes or bare foot!

CHEER DANCE (or drill team) • Learn the fundamentals of being on a cheering squad! Learn all the cheers, yells and chants as if you were really at a school Pep Rally!! Combine this with some hip hop and jazz and you’ll learn creative dance routines to YOUR FAVORITE songs, then add pompoms and you’ve got your own Randi’s Fitness Drill Team! PomPoms. $20.00 extra per student

CARTOONING • Learn to draw your favorite cartoon characters such as Spiderman, Captain America, Ironman or like anime, dragons, robots or princesses… or even better yet you can make up your own cartoon characters as well. Either way you will be taught the fundamentals of how to take the ideas in your head and get them on to paper. $25.00-$30.00 SUPPLY FEE

COMIC BOOK CREATIONS /Animation Art• Learn to get your creative ideas on paper and into a story line. You will learn the fundamentals of penciling, coloring, page layout, composition and character design techniques and in the end your characters will star in their own comic book for you to show your family and friends. $25.00-$30.00 SUPPLY FEE

CREATIVE ART/CERAMICS • A hands-on sculpture art class. You will make pieces from scratch, have them fired, paint them whith special glaze, then have them fired again to create beautiful works of art. As a class you will work with the instructor to pick items that you are interested in creating, sculptures, and more! $30.00 SUPPLY FEE

CREATIVE HEALTHY COOKING • You will learn how to put an entire meal together by cooking hors devours, main courses and desserts. Many of the schools DO NOT have working ovens so many of your recipes will be made using microwaves, electric skillets, woks, portable burners, hot plates etc…It’s called BEING CREATIVE.  All students will receive a paper recipe book to take home to your families. $25.00-$30.00 SUPPLY FEE

DANCE CREW  • Out instructor is a professional dancer/choreographer, and in this hip dance class you will to dance in dance crew style. Bring in your ideas and your favorite music to collaborate with your fellow classmates to determine a style of dance and technique

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY  •  Learn all aspects of shooting pictures with a digital camera. You will be taught about your camera! Then you will move on to learn about llighting, angles, headshots, 3/4 shots, full body shots, objects /still life and people. You will be asked to do projects at home and bring them to class. You will be able to load pictures that are taken, into the computers at school and learn to manipulate them using abode photoshop. This will be a 3 session program with the final session culminating with a portfolio of your work. You may create a slide show with your photos if you choose and bring it home on aDVD or have a printed professional portfolio of your work. $25.00-$30.00 SUPPLY FEE (This class can be offered without a supply fee & will not have a portfolio to take home, but will be asked to bring in a USB flash drive to save your photo to print out at their own expense)

FASHION DESIGN •  An exciting approach to the basic designing of clothing. You may be asked to bring in your favorite fashion magazines and your own drawings, designs & creative ideas to put down on paper. The class will then evolve into designing actual clothing, accessories & jewelry by learning to cut & sew your creations by hand. You may have a fashion show at the end of the school year showing off your creations! 2nd grade and up ONLY. $25.00 SUPPLY FEE

FUNKY CROCHET • Learn how to crochet hip and fun headbands, sling bags, beanies, cell phone holders and scarves with skulls, flowers, buttons and more. Let your creativity come to life and you can design anything your heart desires with the basic crochet stitch. Learning to crochet also has other benefits in that it is very calming and relaxing! $20.00 SUPPLY FEE

GUITAR •  In this class you will not only learn the history of music & explore different genres of music., but you will practice & learn new chords as well as work on writing songs in class. You will learn ways of playing the guitar like strumming, finger picking, palm muting & keeping a beat. You will learn about songwriting & vocal technique. Your own guitar is required

GYMNASTICS /ACRO/TUMBLING • This class will help the child learn the basic skills in gymnastics, in addition to building strength, coordination, creative expression and self-esteem. They will learn forward and back rolls, straddle rolls, hand stands, cartwheels, bridges, splits, basic balance beam routines and spring board jumps. Or can be more afro-like with partnering and tricks. We will accommodate any level, beginning, intermediate or advanced. We provide the gymnastics mats, but they will need to be stored the at school for the entire session

HIP HOP  • Join this class and you’ll learn a variety of different types of dance moves to your favorite music of the time. Taught by a professional working dancers and choreographers. Pick your favorite music and you will learn all the latest moves. Please dress comfortably

MIXED MEDIA ART • Creative students who think outside the box will work with our artist in mixed media to create clay sculptures and figurines, rock painting, found-object assemblages, painting on wood, 3-D collage mediums in pop art, folk art and surrealism such as Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali and Roy Lichtenstein. $25.00 -$30.00 SUPPLY FEE

MUSICAL THEATRE  •  Students are taught to combine skills in singing, dancing and acting. This class will work together and individually on the chosen musical theatre material. The production script will be re-written and broken down to include the songs and lead-ins that will spotlight all performers. All levels welcome. Session 1 will be preparation. Session 2 will consist of character auditions. Session 3 will be performance rehearsals. Students are encouraged to participate in all 3 sessions throughout the school year. Taught by a professional stage performer. $50.00 “One Time” production and costume fee (only if performance is expected)

MOVIE MAKING/IMOVIE/ACTING ON CAMERA  • LIghts, Camera, Action!!! Whether you love to be in front of or behind the camera, this class does it all. Actors, Producers, Writers & Directors will collaborate your ideas to design and create a fun film by the end of the school year! You will work all 3 sessions to write, cast, produce & shoot your very own film as a group. The final session will include a $25.00-$30.00 SUPPLY FEE for editing

NUTRITION EDUCATION • This class is taught by an actual Registered Dietitian. Students will learn all aspects of nutrition including the USDA’s new MyPlate, portion sizes, healthy foods, combinations, meals, snacks as well as playing nutrition games to jog your memory! All sessions will be age appropriate! ALL ages

POP STARS /SING IT •  Ever dream of becoming a famous Singing Star? Well now’s your chance! Taught by Professional dancers and choreographers this class is sure to be a hit! Learn to sing to your favorite pop songs and choreograph dance routines and then perform them on the last day of class as if you are in a music video. Open to boys and girls. Bring your favorite songs and all your enthusiasm.

RECIPES FROM AROUND THE WORLD Join our instructor who is a specialist in nutrition, for this delectable cooking class featuring recipes from around the world. You will learn how to create a meals from start to finish all while learning about the nutrients in the foods while learning about the culture of the food. The best part is that you get to eat the foods you cook in class, then get a recipe folder at the end of the session with all the meals you created. All recipes can be created without the use of an oven! $30.00 SUPPLY FEE

SONG WRITING • As a group class will begin with learning to write a song together every week. You will start by listening to some samples and as a group, work on simple chord patterns, then choose a melody and a subject matter. As the class progresses and each student develops their talent for songwriting, you will be able to work on songs individually. Songs will then be recorded at a live performance at school with a live band!

STILL LIFE ART •  A new drawing class, using still-life as the subject.  In this class you will focus on looking at the relationships between objects and the environment around them and strengthen your skills of rendering depth, proportion, and composition. This class is perfect for the intermediate level artist as well as the beginner. $25.00 SUPPLY FEE

STORY WRITING  • Unlock the creative freedom of telling your own stories by writing character driven stories in an artful way through the writing of the short story.  A storyteller can use the skill to write comics, books, artwork & screenplays. Everything is and can be a story. A tale is a magical piece of poetic enlightenment. Join us as we individually write weekly short stories & share together on improving each other’s work. At the end of the session we may have a public reading for an audience (if the class chooses)

YOGA • The students will focus on aligning the body and body structure, getting out of the blues with energizing breath, building inner and outer strength, learning to have better concentration that will help with homework. They will learn about relaxation with meditation and mantra music. Kundalini yoga will be taught by Savanah Brandt and has hundreds of postures and exercises that work on activating the body systems, the energy centers and give good health to the body and mind. ALL ages

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