It’s Gettin Hot Out There…….

The hot weather is fast approaching (or should I’s actually lagging behind here in LA)… but will hit us hard anytime now through September…

And the key is to keep your inner body temperature cool and comfortable.

Try these great ways to hydrate without having to gulp down that “infamous” 8-Glasses of H2O………

  • Cucumbers contain 96% water – toss in your favorite salad or just nibble on some slices with some hummus!

    Stay Hydrated with cucumbers

    Stay Hydrated with cucumbers

  • Celery contains 95% water – Have 2 stalks with some peanut butter for a fun afternoon snack
  • Tomatoes contain 94.5% water – Throw some grape tomatoes with balls of mozzarella and basil leaves on some skewers for a great caprese appetizer
  • Watermelon is 91.5% water and is an excellent source of lycopene!
Great way to stay hydrated on a  hot day!

Great way to stay hydrated on a hot day!

  • Spinach is 91% water and will give you 15% of your daily Vitamin E needs in just 1 cup!
  • Berries, berries and more berries • Strawberries 91%, Raspberries and Blueberries 85% and Blackberries 88% • Wow blend for a great smoothie or top your favorite yogurt for an amazing array of flavors and nutrients

    A great cool down

    A great cool down


Randi’s Fitness for Kids After school program is in need of an ACRO/TUMBLING/GYMNASTICS INSTRUCTOR to teach starting in September. Interviewing begins THIS WEEK (Aug 5-9th)

Fun, energetic, bubbly personality a must. Reliable, dependable. Prior teaching a PLUS. Own transportation to classes a MUST. 3 sessions per school year 24-26 weeks of workGymnastics equipment will be supplied by Randi’s Fitness. Music (if wanted) to be supplied by instructor.

Class locations – Woodland Hills

Please contact Randi Drasin