Funky Fast Fitness When on the Run!

Do you have days or weeks that seem to fill up so fast that your gym time is now pushed aside? If you’re like me and have several contracted jobs that change often, you know that things can and will change at the last minute, and your regularly planned gym time is dust in the wind. That’s why I’ve come up with a quick – at home – workout ideas that can jump start your day, and even be done in the middle of the day when you have that 1 hour of down-time between gigs.

First off, make sure you have some music to play to get you in the groove. I swear this helps me concentrate and prevents me from watching the clock :-). 15 – 30 minutes is all you need….of course you can always do more if time permits.

You’re going to do this non-stop.. no more than 5 second rest breaks between each set and or exercise grouping.. It is also important to make sure that you squeeze and concentrate on the body part you are working in order to get the most effective workout you can in a short period of time. You will feel the calories burning up………

Equipment ideas: weighted ball (4-6 lbs), 5 or 10 lb set of dumbbells, 6′ flat resistance band, weighted twist bar, yoga mat, yoga block.Randi Workout

Make sure your sets are at least 10 -15 repetitions. If you’re really in a hurry, scale this down to 1 set of everything! Don’t forget to stretch before and after to loosen up your arms, shoulders, back and legs!

Randi’s Funky Fast Fitness 

  • 2 sets • 50 jumping jacks
  • 2 sets • 25 twists  (if you have: hold a yoga block or weighted ball between your hands and squeeze to tighten your core)
  • Super set with 2 sets • Side bends (holding either your block or your dumbbell)
  • 2 sets • Upright rows (holding your block, 1 dumbbell or twist bar)
  • Superset with 2 sets • Overhead tricep extensions (holding 1 dumbbell, yoga block or twist bar)
  • 2 sets bicep curls (using dumbbells, resistance band or twist bar)
  • Super set with 2 sets • overhead shoulder press (using dumbbells, resistance band or twist bar)
  • 2 sets • Plie-style knee bends, to work your inner thighs (holding 1 dumbbell or yoga block down in front of you)
  • Superset with 2 sets • alternating lunges (holding dumbbells for extra resistance or hands on hips)
  • 4 sets • Pushups
  • Superset with 4 sets • Plank for 20-30 seconds (holding on hands or elbows – your choice or which ever suits your level)
  • NOW to ABS!!!!!
  • 4 sets • 25 crunches alternating your leg positions: 25 bent knees with feet planted on the ground, 25 legs straight up in the air, 25 legs bent in a table top position, 25 legs straight on the ground
  • 4 sets • 25 crunches with knees bent, feet planted on the ground then turned down to the left, then the right (this is working your obliques)
  • 2 sets • 25 side crunches laying on your right side – put your left arm behind your head (other arm will be on the ground in front of you) and crunch to your left – then alternate to your left side)
  • 2 sets • 25 bicycle crunches

BREATHE…. You’re all done!! Woo hoo… you should be full of energy now to start or complete your day.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts after you try this…..