Welcome to Randi’s Fitness

Welcome to Randi’s Fitness Nutrition and Randi’s Fitness for Kids and Seniors too!

Both company’s are owned and operated by Randi Drasin, MS, RDN.

Randi’s Fitness for Kids and Seniors Too! is an enrichment program created in 1996 is currently located several schools (both elementary and middle schools) in the Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley/Ventura County areas and offers approximately 20-30 classes per week. All instructors are experts in the field in which they teach, are working professionals, are insured and live scanned through Randi’s Fitness.

Our programming has expanded and now includes working with Seniors and Treatment Centers.

Randi’s Fitness Nutrition, a private practice and consulting company, is located in Calabasas, California. Private practice sessions are individualized and patient-centered and clientele includes children, tweens, teens, adults, families and seniors. Services include one-on-one counseling, meal planning, market shopping trips, pantry evaluations, restaurant outings, fitness consulting, senior nutrition education, diabetes education, and weight management groups

Consulting services include work with treatment centers, senior centers, fitness centers, drug and alcohol rehab and mental health programs.